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Anglia Produce

Great Value Fresh Produce

There are no short cuts with pricing; rock bottom pricing will inevitably partner poor service and quality. However, at Anglia Produce, we do couple competitive pricing with excellence of quality and service.

The scale and nature of our operations allows us to negotiate preferential pricing with all our suppliers, and these savings are always passed on to our customers.

We have put a great deal of time and effort into streamlining our operations and identifying where cost savings could be made without impacting on our quality or service excellence – and once again these savings have been passed on to our customers.

This has allowed us to offer unmatched levels of quality and service at highly competitive pricing.

 Anglia Produce

Direct Sourcing

Where possible, we source produce direct from the grower or manufacturer – and these products are delivered directly to our chilled warehousing facility. This reduces the distance the product has to cover to reach us, improving freshness as well as ensuring we buy at the very best possible prices. 

Local Produce

Where the quality is of a very high standard, we aim to be able to supply as much fresh, local produce as possible. However, should local quality be below par, we are able to shift supply to other regions, countries or even continents overnight.

New Business Development

Giving potential new customers the opportunity to visit our premises, offering complete presentations of the products and services we offer, and offering extended services such as cross-supply price analysis, seasonal forecasting, and supply partnering where appropriate.

New Business Setup

Ensuring that new customers that we are to supply have our full contact details, including a dedicated account manager who is available 24/7.  Also ensuring new customers are fully briefed on ordering procedures, available products, and specialist services.

Account Management

Ensuring regular and consistent contact with all customers we supply to maintain communication and address any areas where further assistance may be required.  Also sending regular communications such as fortnightly market reports, product warnings and produce advice. 

Order Taking

The provision of a 24 hour telesales team For order taking, trained fully and capable of discussing any aspect of our product and service.


Ensuring deliveries are properly scheduled on planned routes to allow consistent and reliable delivery times.  Also ensuring produce is handled correctly and that appropriate temperatures are maintained throughout the distribution chain.

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